Development of a Tourism Marketing Plan Guide seeks to contribute to the promotional strategies at the regional level.

August 4th, 2021

The tourism sector has been one of the hardest affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so SIPPO Peru, aware of this problem, has increased its support to our BSO in the Tourism Sector, the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Tourism - Promperu. In order to establish the basis for the development of marketing plans at the regional level, a guide has been developed with detailed steps and examples of how to prepare a guide for each region.

The SIPPO Peru team, formed by the Country Representative - CR of the Program Carlos Hanspach and the Export Promotion Manager EPM Manuel Puma, carried out a planning to execute value-added activities in the context of COVID-19. With the aim to verify that the guide's communications instruments are correct, two European consultants were hired to develop the training materials and carry out a training pilot with the regional governments. Supported by Promperu in the coordination and follow-up, the training sessions are being carried out to verify the materials and the understanding of the guide, hence Promperu now have all the tools to be able to replicate the training to more regions.

SIPPO will close the activity with an evaluation of the process and recommendations from the international consultants on improvements that Promperu could implement in future training processes for the development of marketing plans in the regions. It should be noted that this activity is aligned with Promperu's capacity building process in tourism that began with the development of a market study for Switzerland, Germany and France in sustainable tourism, a training activity for regional governments in aspects of trade promotion in the framework of tourism promotion fairs, a study tour at the Anato fair in Colombia, the seminar on tourism promotion in the context of Covid-19, a survey on the perspective of tour operators to participate in fairs in the context of COVID-19 and finally the closing of the intervention in this phase of the program with two other activities, the Marketing Plan Guide and the pilot training process with regional governments in various training sessions.

At the end of the training sessions, SIPPO will publish the training materials and the pilot of the marketing plan development guide after it has been approved for communication by Promperu.