2024 has just began

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SIPPO Indonesia and the BSOs recently held their annual Steering Committee Meeting, known as the Country Coordination Committee meeting. This meeting brought together SIPPO, its Business Support Organisation (BSO) partners and SECO-funded projects in Indonesia to discuss and finalise their work plan for the year 2024

Every year, the SIPPO programme convenes a steering committee meeting, known as the Country Coordination Committee (CCC) meeting. The CCC meeting serves as a central forum for SIPPO partners to formulate their objectives for the coming year in cooperation with SIPPO. It also offers SIPPO partners the opportunity to receive feedback, input and insights into their work plans from other BSOs and SECO-funded projects. In addition, the CCC meeting serves as a platform to promote synergies for the development of a productive export promotion programme.

This year's CCC meeting took place on Tuesday, 7 November and was attended by SIPPO's BSO partners, including the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Cooperatives, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Indonesian Essential Oil Council. SECO-funded projects such as the Global Reporting Initiatives, the Global Quality Standard Programme - UNIDO and PROMISE 2 Impact also took part. Clement Graf, Head of Programme at SIPPO, was also present at the meeting.

During the meeting, SIPPO's BSO partners presented their capacity development plans, particularly in the area of export promotion. These programmes and plans cover a wide range of activities, from company selection to market intelligence, database segmentation and matchmaking programmes. Each BSO provided constructive feedback and suggestions on their respective work plans. One notable request that emerged from the BSOs was the need for a discussion and exchange platform or venue similar to the CCC meeting. This platform would facilitate interaction with relevant stakeholders among the BSOs, including various ministry agencies, in order to jointly address challenges and seek synergistic solutions for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. They have requested SIPPO's assistance in facilitating such meetings.

As a programme, SIPPO is pleased to hear that its CCC meeting approach has proven to be an effective collaboration platform for BSOs and SECO-funded programmes, underscoring the importance of this initiative.

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