SIPPO Indonesia supports market and sustainability update for BSO DAI

The Indonesian BSO DAI, which had been invited to the SIPPO Import Forum in Bern/Switzerland in early June, took the opportunity to provide an update afterwards on sustainability trends and the retail market for Essential Oil (EO) products in the post-Covid era. This update was led by Mr Arianto Mulyadi from DAI and supported by the SIPPO Indonesia team and expert Andrew Jones.

DAI-update by SIPPO Indonesia

BSO DAI is a key BSO partner of SIPPO Indonesia. DAI had been invited to participate in the SIPPO Import Forum on 8 June 2023 in Bern. During the event, DAI's delegation met with other SIPPO BSO countries and import institutions from Switzerland to discuss sustainability trends in Switzerland and the EU market.

Strengthening the position in global markets
DAI's mandate as the Essential Oil Council in Indonesia is to consolidate and strengthen the position of Indonesian Essential Oil (EO) in the global market. One of its mandates is to increase Indonesian export sales in the global Essential Oil products market. To achieve this, DAI offers various services to its members. One of them are market updates regarding the global development of the Essential Oil sector so that DAI members have a better understanding and knowledge of the current global market demands and trends.

Workshop on sustainability and market developments in Switzerland and the EU
Just these days, the DAI therefore organised a workshop with the topics: EO market update and EO sustainability developments in Switzerland and the EU market. The DAI representative, Mr. Arianto Mulyadi, together with Mr. Andrew Jones (SIPPO expert), presented several different topics related to this important topic, such as: Customer Trends for Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients, Global Industry Trends and Regulatory Development Requirements and Commitment to Sustainability by Trade Associations (IFRA/IOFI). 

DAI's invitation to the SIPPO Import Forum also meant that important questions on the importance of knowledge management, functional trade networks, regulation for sustainability and digitalisation trends could be discussed. During the SIPPO Import Forum, Mr. Arianto Mulyadi networked with various import institutions and discussed these issues with other SIPPO BSOs from various countries such as South Africa, Serbia, Morocco, etc.

Dissemination of information at a workshop in Indonesia
Following the SIPPO Import Forum, Mr Arianto Mulyadi, supported by the SIPPO country team and an international expert, took the opportunity to organise this short market briefing which was attended by more than 70 participants. Mr Arianto was also able to explain that he had successfully met 6 buyers in Switzerland and discussed with them the sustainability requirements in the EO sector. He also reported about the use of patchouli oil for many different applications in the market such as perfumery, personal care, and aromatherapy industry. The information provided will certainly benefit the participants in preparing their future export plans.

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