The unwavering support of SIPPO Peru is driving the local ecosystem towards growth

Victor Sarabia, Country Representative and Isabel Rodriguez, Export Promotion Manager make up the SIPPO Peru team. SIPPO Peru is active in the three sectors Processed Food, Natural Ingredients and Sustainable Tourism and collaborates with four BSO: Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo (PROMPERÚ), Cámara de Comercio de Lima (CCL), Sierra y Selva Exportadora (SSE) and Cámara Nacional de Turismo del Perú (CANATUR)*. SIPPO Peru places particular emphasis on introducing new services and enhancing the capabilities and offerings of BSOs.

Peru Portrait

Victor Sarabia, Country Representative of Peru and Isabel Rodriguez, Export Promotion Manager both have extensive experience working in both public and private entities in the fields of exports and tourism. While Victor has worked in the agribusiness sector, Isabel has gained experience in inbound tourism.


Monitoring and Knowledge Exchange
In 2023, SIPPO Peru successfully introduced two activities to improve monitoring and knowledge exchange between BSOs. The team holds monthly bilateral meetings with each BSO to review progress on the work plans and discuss possible adjustments to their needs. The first Joint Monitoring Meeting was held in May 2023, providing a platform for BSOs to share insights and explore synergies.

New service: Study tours on sustainable tourism
SIPPO Peru attaches particular importance to introducing new services and improving the skills and services of BSOs. In cooperation with PROMPERU in the field of sustainable tourism, SIPPO Peru has introduced a new service: study tours for SMEs during international trade fairs. The first example took place at the ITB in Berlin. PROMPERU invited companies that had completed the virtual business training programme to take part in the study tour.

A total of 13 SMEs offering tourism-related services participated in this first study tour. The BSO and the SMEs participated in various meetings with stakeholders from the European and German markets, where they received valuable information on sustainability trends, certifications and successful case studies. It is expected that PROMPERU will continue to offer study tours for SMEs at other trade fairs.

Institutional strengthening
SIPPO Peru has prioritised the development of PROMPERU's institutional capacities to ensure that its leading role in the export sector is consistent with sustainability goals. SIPPO is supporting the development of sustainability indicators and a dashboard of indicators and best practices for foreign trade companies. The results of these efforts are expected to be available in the second half of 2023. It is worth noting that the BSO is planning to relaunch its "Sustainable Culture" initiative, which will encompass all these efforts related to sustainability.

Network building in the cocoa value chain
A particularly important network-building activity in the cocoa value chain took place during this and last year. SIPPO supported the organisation of the annual Cocoa and Chocolate Fair in Lima, in which the BSOs PROMPERU and Sierra y Selva Exportadora (SSE) played an active role and underlined their commitment to promoting sustainable practices for market access in the cocoa industry.

The BSOs also appreciated the cooperation between SWISSCO and PROMPERU in identifying Swiss buyers. SIPPO supported PROMPERU in attracting buyers to the international business matchmaking event organised by the Swiss Sustainable Cocoa Platform - SWISSCO. SIPPO is also working with the organising committee, which brings together various private and public bodies, to carry out a structured evaluation of the fair.

Cooperation between private and public BSOs
The four public and private BSOs with which SIPPO Peru works, are important players in the local Peruvian ecosystem in all three sectors. SIPPO consistently promotes exchange and cooperation. In particular, PROMPERU and SSE have focused their attention on the cosmetics subsector, making use of commercial opportunities such as the Vivaness and InCosmetic trade fairs.

Also noteworthy is the seamless collaboration between the BSOs, which has facilitated the joint sending of product samples, thereby enhancing cooperation. Collaboration also extends to the Cámara de Comercio de Lima (CCL) and Sierra y Selva Exportadora (SSE). CCL's platform, CAMTrade Plus, has been shared to strengthen SSE's market capabilities. Meanwhile, CCL and PROMPERU are jointly organising Peru's participation at Anuga, symbolising the pooling of expertise. This transition also means potential cost savings and innovative services. This collaborative tapestry, fueled by SIPPO's unwavering support, is driving Peru's local ecosystem towards growth through combined efforts and shared resources.

The future: Cross-border cooperation between BSOs in different countries
Expectations are growing for greater cross-border cooperation between BSOs in different countries, driven by the synergies created within SIPPO. The dynamics, added value and potential for cooperation with countries such as Colombia are promising. Joint initiatives already exist, particularly in the field of tourism. SIPPO's efforts also extend to promoting networks between BSOs. One notable example is the meeting of BSO representatives from South Africa, Peru, Tunisia and Colombia during the InCosmetics trade fair. This platform facilitated the exchange of perspectives and allowed participants to learn about what Peru has to offer and gain insights into the progressive sustainability practices of local companies.

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